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Media Partnership with Solar+Power Management

Governments around the world have reviewed their renewable energy policies and many are changing the level of support directed towards renewable energies. Companies know they need to continually reduce the overall process to ensure the next stage of industry growth, which will see full grid parity and solar move towards becoming a mainstream option for energy production. This next stage of market growth will test the patience of the entire value chain with tight margins and constant pressure to reduce costs.
Navigating the complex world of photovoltaic energy is at the heart of everything we do at Solar + Power Management online portfolio. Whether assessing capacity, gauging market leadership or envisioning the impact of new technology, we report on issues that affect the global solar supply chain.
Manufacturers, researchers, designers, consumers and incumbent electric utilities can all better understand solar power’s present and future role in the global power economy through Solar + Power Management online portfolio.
Solar + Power Management provides the knowledge from technology, industry, government across the entire photovoltaic value chain to enable companies to create competitive advantage.